The Logo Workshop is designed to teach kids the basics of computer programming through a series of hands-on activities using a language called Logo. Logo is an interactive programming language that is simple, powerful, and best of all fun.

Kids who partake in this workshop will learn the fundamentals of computer programming. They will learn just how dumb a computer really is. They will also learn how to teach the computer to accomplish new tasks by breaking the task down into very simple instructions, instructions that are so simple that even a turtle can follow them. Along the way, they will also learn about geometry and natural language, as well as practice some fundamental computer skills, such as typing, multitasking, and copying & pasting.

Some people dismiss Logo a toy language because of its simple design or because their only exposure to Logo is Turtle Graphics. This is sometimes referred to as "The Tragedy of Logo", because it sells the language far short of its potential. In reality, Logo is a powerful language that happens to be easy-to-learn. Logo has been used to study natural language processing, control robots, model parallel algorithms, and (of course) move a turtle around a screen.

There are free versions of Logo available on all major platforms. At no cost, kids can download Logo to continue their exploration at home.