Chapter 2. Editor

Editor Menu
File Menu
File - Save and Exit
File - Save to Workspace
File - Print...
File - Exit
Edit Menu
Edit - Undo
Edit - Redo
Edit - Cut
Edit - Copy
Edit - Paste
Edit - Delete
Edit - Clear All
Edit - Select All
Search Menu
Search - Find
Search - Replace
Search - Next
Set Menu
Set - Font
Test Menu
Help Menu
Help - Index
Help - Editor
Help - Topic Search
Editor Errors
Editing with the Clipboard
Context Sensitive Help

When you exit the editor, FMSLogo loads the revised definitions and modifies the workspace accordingly. Multiple edit sessions are supported, but be careful of having multiple edit sessions that include the same definition. The final editor that is exited (and saved) takes precedence. Also realize if you delete procedures, property lists, or names while in the editor, then they are erased (see ERASE) from the workspace at the time of exiting (and saving) the edit session you deleted them from. Logo