Editing with the Clipboard

The Editor and many controls support the clipboard. The clipboard is where most Windows application store data during cut and paste operations. This means that when you cut text from an application, such as Notepad, it can be pasted into Logo's Editor (the reverse is also true). Even Help supports the clipboard. This means you can copy examples in this document directly to the editor (see HELP command).

The Input Box also supports the clipboard. Only one line of text is supported between the Input Box and the clipboard. You can either use the context-sensitive popup menu or keyboard shortcuts for the desired actions (Cut CTRL+X, Copy CTRL+C, Paste CTRL+V).

The Output/Command-Recall also supports the clipboard. This means you can turn code you entered in the commander into procedure by copying the Commander Output to the clipboard and pasting it into the editor. Or take text output you generated and paste it into another application.

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