Opens the MIDI device and accesses it through a MIDI device driver. The device driver chosen depends on several things. When no inputs are given, MIDIOPEN attempts to use the MIDI-MAPPER. When an id input is given, MIDIOPEN lets you choose any available MIDI driver available on your system. The id input can be any integer from 0 to 1 less than number of MIDI drivers available. To determine which id maps to which driver try several MIDIOPEN commands with increasing id inputs. MIDIOPEN outputs the name of the driver being used.

On success, MIDIOPEN outputs a list of words that represents the name of the driver being used.

MIDI allows you to generate sound on your sound card. You must install the appropriate drivers under Windows for your sound card to work. Most sound cards come with a MIDI player which reads MIDI messages from a file and passes them to the MIDI driver. If you have a working MIDI player under Windows then FMSLogo should work, too.

MIDI commands in FMSLogo does not use MIDI files (.MID or .MDI). Instead you build up sequences of MIDI messages and send them directly to the MIDI device. Note that you can play MIDI files using the MCI command. FMSLogo is not a MIDI sequencer. You can think of MIDI commands in FMSLogo as a programmable keyboard. It just so happens that the link between your programmable keyboard (MIDI commands) and your Speaker is MIDI.

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