Sends a MIDI message to the MIDI sequencer. You must call MIDIOPEN before using this command.

The message input must be a list. It has three forms: the short form, the long form and the System Exclusive form.

The Short Form.  The short form of message has three integer members: [status data1 data2]. The first integer is known as the "status byte", but it can also be thought of as a "command byte", since it specifies what should be done. data1 and data2 are both required, even if the message requires only 1 (just use 0).

The Long Form.  The long form of message is similar to the short form, but it contains many short-form triples. It has the form [status data1 data2 status data1 data2 ...].

The System Exclusive Form.  The system exclusive form is a list that starts with 240 (0xF0 in hexadecimal). It can then be followed by any number of data bytes. It has the form [240 data1 data2 ...]

The meaning of the midi messages are given in the MIDI Table.

This documentation does not attempt to teach you MIDI, but it contains enough information to get you started. For more information you may be interested in reading a book on MIDI such as: "MIDI Basics" by Akira Otsuka and Akihiko Nakajima.

[MIDI Mapper]
MIDIMESSAGE (LIST 192+13 56 0 192+13 56 0)
listen to tone
MIDIMESSAGE (LIST 144+13 100 100)

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