Displays a standard "Save As" windows dialog box. It does NOT save a file; it just allows the user to select the desired file using a Graphical User Interface. The filename input is used to set the defaults of name, directory and/or extension. The output is the full path name of the file that the user selected. If the user presses "Cancel", then DIALOGFILESAVE outputs the empty list ([]).

The filename input must be a word that specifies the directory to start in, the default filename, and/or extension of the filename. Wildcard characters ("*") are permitted as the filename or extension.

SHOW DIALOGFILESAVE "|c:\\Program Files\\FMSLogo\\Examples\\Windows\\*.lgo|
The dialog box shows all files ending in ".lgo" in the specified directory.
c:\Program Files\FMSLogo\Examples\Windows\Visual.lgo

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