Useful Links

  • FMSLogo on SourceForge - The FMSLogo project portal on This is where you download FMSLogo, file bugs, make feature requests, submit support requests, etc.
  • The Logo Workshop - A short lesson plan for introducing FMSLogo to children K-5. I used this Web site to run computer workshops at my local Boys and Girls Club.
  • The FMSLogo Manual - An online manual for FMSLogo.
  • Asteroid Miner - An impressive game written in FMSLogo.
  • Berkley Logo - A powerful, cross-platform Logo environment written by Brian Harvey. The Web page also links to three college-level textbooks taught in Logo. FMSLogo uses the language engine from UCBLogo.
  • MSWLogo Homepage - The original MSWLogo homepage. Lots of useful links.
  • The National Multiple Sclerosis Society - The "FMS" in FMSLogo stands for "Fight Multiple Sclerosis". Please take some time to learn about this disease and what you can do to fight it.